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Sep 2


Ever since Zakk decided to go vegan he’s been pumped up on the idea of opening up an Animal Sanctuary someday or fostering animals, it’s so goddamn adorable I just fuckin wanna kiss him or smack him or something

This must be every vegan couple’s fantasy. It sure is me and my partners!

Maybe the two of you could do a live-in internship at a sanctuary. I know that Farm Sanctuary, Animal Place, and Catskill Animal Sanctuary have them.


Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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- Vegans for Nonviolence / Facebook

- Vegans for Nonviolence / Facebook

Anonymous said: Even if you're physical active? I work out a lot, and in every health class I've ever been a part of, the general rule is the more you work out, the more protein you need.. Also, can i have sources on what you're saying? I'd like to read on it and form my own opinion, if you don't mind.


Well if you work out a lot you can eat more protein and just watch Forks Over Knives, or read the China Study by T. Colin Campbell it goes much more in depth about it there :)

Rich Roll, ironman athlete, wrote an awesome article on the protein myth here: http://www.forksoverknives.com/slaying-protein-myth/

The Starch Solution by McDougall and Eat to Live by Furhman cover this too. The basic idea is that you only need about 5-10% of your calories from protein, regardless of whether you work out. Maybe if you’re trying to build muscle you could concentrate a bit more on higher protein foods, but not much attention is needed as long as you’re eating enough calories. Since many plant foods are made of about 5-10% the extra calories you eat when working out (since you usually get hungrier when you’re more active) will automatically provide you with the extra protein.

Anecdotally, I eat a varied diet of mostly whole plant foods, and eat between 2000 and 2500 calories per day with no particular attention to protein. I’m female, 5’6, about 125lbs and fairly active (no “working out” but I cycle and walk a lot and do yoga). I’ve built so much lean muscle since going vegan, I surprise myself when I look in the mirror :) My partner has had the same results - though we’re vegan for the animals, first and foremost.

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